Grid-Surface Gaskets (Static gaskets)

Standard Material: 0.5mm:NBR(RN917) / 1mm:NBR+EVA(RD914)
Pneumatic rubber sheet gaskets originally were designed by Sakagami. Grid-surface has solved protrusion problems of common gaskets during tightening process, and achieved improved sealing performance.

Profiles (Left section)

  • Standard sheets are available in two thickness.
  • Grid-surface gaskets are available in either standard sheets or customized shapes. Custom die-cut sheets also are available upon request while tooling costs are chargeable.


  • 1.Grid-surface gaskets seal with minimum tightening force, providing excellent sealing performance.
  • 2.Minimal protrusion of rubber during tightening process.
  • 3.Grid-Surface gaskets do not corrode or adhere on the contact surfaces.
  • 4.Superior in weatherability, water and oil resistance.
  • 5.Cuttable (die-punching) into a desirable shape.


Please refer to the following table for the shape design and specification selection guidelines.

Dimension table

Items/Thickness 1mm 0.5mm
Material SAPLATIC RD914
(Special compounded NBR Hs90)
(Special compounded NBR Hs90)
Operationg temperature range -30~80℃
Tolerance Thickness
            1 +0.35
            0.5 +0.3
Shape & Dimensions
75 and under More than 75,
100 and under
More than 100,
under 150
More than 150,
200 and under
200 or over
±0.45mm ±0.6mm ±0.9mm ±1.2mm ±(Dimensions×0.006)
Minimum design width 3mm 2mm
Suggested contact pressure 1~5MPa
  • ★Fluorine rubber products are available for high temperature-resistant and chemical-resistant applications. HNBR rubber products meet requirements for improved ozone-resistance. For more inforamation, please contact us.
  • ★Gaskets are adequately packaged for the optimum storage. Refer to Cautions for the handling and the storage.
  • ★Surface roughness of contacting surface: 12.5~25S (3.2a~6.3a)
  • ★Contacting surface should be free from oil, grease, lubricant and other contaminants.
  • ★Performance and material tests on packing and seals are also available. Please contact us for more information.

Major Applications

Pneumatic equipments
  • Solenoid valves: body, lid and mounting
  • Control valves: body and lid
  • Cylinder covers
  • Drier bodies
Electrical parts
  • Dust and water proof for switches
  • Contact protecting cover
Railway vehicle equipments
  • Door engines: casing cover
  • Break cylinders: casing cover
  • Gearboxes: casing cover
  • Plumbing fittings