History of Products

Product history
1916 Launched Japan’s first leather U packing (25 inches dia).
55 O-rings of “KS” standard were released.
61 O-rings of JIS (Japan industrial Standard) standard were released.
62 Products made of S-RETHANE rubber were released.
63 KY-Packings were released.
66 SKY-Packings and SDR-Wipers were released.
67 ST-Seals and Wear rings were released.
68 Mini Y-Packings (MYN-type) were released.
69 Seals for power steering were released.
70 S-KIDⓇ rubber (non lubricant material) was developed.GLY-Packings and Mini-Y Packings (MYA-type) maintenance free series were released.
79 LUBE-RUNⓇ low abration material for pneumatic seals was developed.PGY-Pakings & PNY-Paking of LUBE-RUN were released.
81 Compact type wiper, PSD-Packings (for pistons), and NPU-Packings (rod packing+wiper in one piece structure) were released as LUBE-RUNⓇ series.
83 PDU-Packings were released as rod packing + wiper in one piece structure.
84 Double acting HSD-Packings were released for hydraulic cylinder pistons.
86 RGY-Packings & RNY-Packings were released as high performance packings for hydraulic cylinders.
88 ⓉSGY-Packings & ⓉSNY-Packings were released for wider temperature range application.
91 Double acting RGU-Packings & PWL-Bearing (back-up ring + resin wear ring) were released.
95 SMJ-Rod seals (high sealing performance) were released.
96 PPD-Packings (improved PSD for eccentricity) were released for non-machine cut pneumatic cylinders.
99 MYP-Packings were released for extra durable pneumatic cylinders.
2003 Soft wipers (configuration of fiber assembly),S-FLONⓇ Tape Wear ring, SWO-Wear rings, SMD-Wipers were released.
05 Ferrule gasket for sanitary piping were released.
11 High-performance HNBR material products for RGY-Packings, SKY-Packings, and SDR-Wipers were released.
STC-Seals, as a high-performance seal for rotary sliding were released.
20 GLY-Z-Packings, as a REACH regulation compliant product were released.
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