About purchase

Q1-1.How can I obtain Sakagami packings and seals?

A1-1.Please address your inquiry to our official distributors. Please refer to Production and Sales Location. For other areas, please use Other inquiry form to address your inquiries. Product catalogue also is available in English, Chinese and Korean. Please request to each distributors.

Q1-2.What are the conditions needed for selections of packing & seal?

A1-2.Most important information needed are "Pressure", "Temperature" and "Kind of fluid". Also, states of motion and environment conditions should be considered. Please refer to Technical inquiry form for more detaols.

Q1-3.Is it possible to manufacture and purchase products other than those listed in the catalog and website?

A1-3.We also manufacture specially designed products other than catalog products that meet the customer's specifications. Some products require a special tool, so please feel free to contact us, Other inquiry first.

Q1-4.Can we buy seal kits from equipment producers?

A1-4.Seal kit is not in our product sales lines. Please contact your equipment supplier.

Regarding tests and surveys

Q2-1.Can we request performance and material tests and a survey on an actually used packing?

A2-1.Yes, we provide fare-paying testing services using many testing equipments like: Infrared spectrophotometer, Ultra-low-temperature testing chamber, Ozone testing machine, Oscillation testing machine. Durability test by using actual unit, Immersion test and other performance and property tests are available. Also we provide reports on surveys(Some of surveys might be fare-paying.) of actually used packings returned by our customers. Please use Technical inquiry form for a communication about your questions.


Q3-1.Do you have products that are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) compliant?

A3-1.Currently, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) compliant product is not available.

About products

Q4-1.The color of the wear ring (SW type) is different from the new one and after using one, does it affect the performance?

A4-1.The wear ring material (PB201 and PB251) may discolor due to the influence of hydraulic oil, etc., but it does not affect the performance. Even during storage, the color may change in the same way, and there are individual differences depending on the time of purchase.

Q4-2.KY, KKY, etc. There may be some unevenness in the left and right width of the straight part on the top of the lip of the Y packing. Does this affect the performance?

A4-2.We manage dimensions at parts such as outer diameter (ΦD), inner diameter (Φd), width (W), and height (H) that are related to performance. Even if there is some unevenness in the left and right width of the straight part on the upper surface of the lip, it does not affect the performance.

Regarding performance and usability

Q5-1.Can the packing be used without lubrication when we use it with non-lubricated air / dry air specifications?

A5-1.Lubrication is required for packings and seals. It is necessary to apply good quality grease to the packing and sliding parts in advance.

Q5-2.Can pneumatic packing be used for the hydraulic cylinder?

A5-2.When using pneumatic packing for the hydraulic cylinder, please note that due to differences in design concept (shape, rigidity, rubber hardness), damage due to insufficient pressure resistance of the packing and various harmful effects / defects may occur.

Q5-3.Can hydraulic packing be used for the pneumatic cylinder?

A5-3.Please note that if hydraulic packing is used for the pneumatic cylinder, it will affect the increase in frictional resistance of the packing and the lack of lubrication.

About dimensions

Q6-1.Is there a product that supports inch size dimensions?

A6-1.The lineup is basically in mm units.

Those questions you do not find in our FAQ,
please contact our official distributors or Contact us on our website.