PRY-Packings (Rod packings)

Standard Material: NBR(RN729)

Profiles (Left section)


Service range

Standard Material
Material codes Pressure MPa {kgf/㎠} Max. speed
Temperature range
1 {10} 1 ー20~80

Material codes・The range with [ ] refers FKM materials


PRY-Packings are high wear resistant rod packings for miniature cylinders. Higher durability and desirable friction properties are obtainable comparing with O-rings.


  • ●The material of PRY packing has changed from NBR (RN713) to NBR (RN729), but other materials are also available. Please contact us individually.
  • ●Packings should be installed in the direction specified on the above schematic.
  • ●Consider adopting split grooves if one-piece groove is technically adverse.
  • ※JIS standard sequence of surface roughness symbols refer to HERE.

Dimension table

Packings & Groove dimensions(Unit:mm) Part No.
d D H G Standard
High temperature-resistant
3 7 2.9 3.2 1.5 PRY-3K PRY-3F
4 8 2.9 3.2 1.5 PRY-4K PRY-4F
5 9 2.9 3.2 1.5 PRY-5K PRY-5F
6 10 3.5 4 1.5 PRY-6K  
8 12 3.5 4 1.5 PRY-8K  
10 14 3.5 4 1.5 PRY-10K  
12 17 4 4.5 1.5 PRY-12K  
14 19 4 4.5 1.5 PRY-14K  
16 22 5 5.7 1.5 PRY-16K  
  • ★Orders and inquiries are acceptable by part numbers. Part numbers marked ※ have been changed each part numbers. Please check HERE for the previous part number.
  • ★Part numbers in blue letters are the products in stock.
  • ★Packings with the part numbers in light Italic require the confirmation of their availability prior to ordering. These items are subject to the abolishment without notice. Reclamation of an abolished product requires producing the new tooling at your expense.
  • ★Packings are adequately packaged for the optimum storage. Refer to Cautions for the handling and storage.
  • ★Performance and material tests on packing and seals are also available. Please contact us for more information.