Sealing Solutions for various industries

Seals for food industries

Seals for food industries
Sakagami provides various seals for special applications to fulfill customers' specific Large numbers of materials are in conformity with Japan Food Sanitation Act(notification No. 85 / No.370).
Sealing solutions are provided with materials that are intended to be in contact with food.

Automotive seals

Automotive seals
Sakagami has 50 years history of supplying automotive packings for both particularly integral parts for steering (turning) and braking (stopping) functions. Sakagami has an established reputation for custom designing and material development including rotation, oscillation movements and variety of applications, backed by broad and deep know-hows.
  • *** Major product lines ***
  • ・Seals for power steerings
  • ・Seals for pneumatic breaks
  • ・Seals for hydraulic breaks
  • ・Seals for fluid couplings

Seals for aqueous hydro equipments

Sakagami has been leading Japan's research & development of technologies for aqueous hydro seals. Our supply record proves that current Sakagami hydraulic & pneumatic seals are applicable to water pressure equipements in the fields.

Seals for railroad vehicles

Seals for railroad vehicles
Sakagami manufactures and sells various seals for railroad vehicles; seals for breake cylinders, door engines, pantograph manipulators, various bellows and gaskets for control valves. These products are applied to the majority of railroad vehicles in Japan, including Shinkansen (bullet train),JR lines and numerous private railroad companies.

Molded Gaskets

Molded Gaskets
From large gaskets for control valves of railroad vehicles to small gaskets for solenoid valves, Sakagami manufactures and sells vast range of sized and shaped products coping on customers’ needs.

S-FLON Seals

S-FLON Seals
S-FLON is Sakagami trade name of polytetrafluoroethylen (PTFE). Taking the advantage of chemical resistance and low fliction properties of PTFE, Sakagami manufactures and sells various products including packings, valve sheets,back-up rings.
S-FLON seals are manufactured by well accepted procedure of machining tube-shaped material, as well as, by state-of-art "Molding" procedure that fulfill customers' needs for variety of shapes and dimensions in large production quantities.
Sakagami materials for advanced applications include: Wear Resistant for contacts with steel and aluminum, High-pressure Resistant.
  • *** Major products ***
  • ・ST-Seals (ST type, STS type)
  • ・STK-Seals (STG type, STR type)
  • ・STH-Seals
  • ・SMJ-Seals
  • ・Back-up rings
  • ・PG-Rings (Decompression rings)

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